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About Pathways


Pathways are an educational project providing mentoring programmes, and awareness-raising, prevention-themed PSHE workshops, to young people in schools, colleges, alternative provision, children's homes, and local authorities, across London and the South East 

What We Do

What We Do

We specialize in bespoke mentoring, and prevention-themed workshops

Our hard hitting crime-diversion workshops raise awareness of the pitfalls, behaviours and circumstances which can inadvertently lead to involvement in illegal/criminal activity, and the consequences for all involved



Pathways through-the-gate project offers a limited rehabilitation service to ex-offenders

Crime & Consequences Workshop
Our Mission
Classroom PSHE Workshop

Our Mission

Working with organisations focused on Education and Prevention, Pathways raise awareness of the consequences of crime, and promotes engagement in positive activities - encouraging behaviour which acts as a catalyst for positive change and makes communities safer.

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